Consultation charges

nederlanConsultation charges

Introductory interview (intake)
In the introductory interview we inquire your question or demand, your aims and expectations. An introductory interview lasts about an hour. We determine in dialogue if it makes sense to work together and to continue on a pathway of psychotherapy or coaching. It’s very important that it “feels good” and that we taste mutual trust to continue our work.

In the introductory interview we explore if your demand is covered by our professional competences. If not, we’re trying to find with you another place where you could successfully work with your request.

The introductory interview is always free of charge.


The number of consultations and the frequency of sessions are dependent on your problem and demand. Often it’s difficult to make exact estimates.

A consultation (session) lasts 90 minutes.
Normally we’re doing process work, this means that we are working in a series of sessions.

Psychotherapy session        € 90,00
Coaching session                    € 90,00
Supervision                               € 90,00

Prices are inclusive 21% VAT.


Louis Crijns is registered as a hypnotherapist and as a professional member of the NBVH (Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists).

His registration codes are:
– AGB-zorgverlenerscode: 90028045
– Register Complementaire Gezondheidszorg RBCZ, licentienr. 403050R

Ellen de Jong is a European registered therapist (European Association for Psychotherapy/ Dutch Association for Psychotherapy) and professional member of NGVH (Professional Organisation for Psychotherapy).

Her registration codes are:
– AGB-zorgverlenerscode: 90026706 (categorie Genezers)
– AGB-zorgverlenerscode: 94006998 (categorie Psychologische Zorgverleners, niet BIG geregistreerd)
– NAP registratienummer: NL 167

For Dutch clients there is a possibility for reimbursement by many insurance companies. For foreign clients there may be many differences in this respect. Therefore we’re not able to say in general how reimbursement will be arranged in your case. We recommend consulting your insurance company for further advice.

Languages spoken
Ellen and Louis are both mastering the English language on a good level. Louis is also fluently speaking German.