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Languages spoken
Ellen and Louis are both mastering the English language on a good level. Louis is also fluently speaking German.


Introductory interview (intake)
In the introductory interview we examine your question or wish, your aims and expectations. An introductory interview lasts about an hour. We determine in dialogue whether it makes sense to work together and to continue on a pathway of psychotherapy or coaching. It’s very important that it “feels good” and that we have mutual trust to continue our work.

In the introductory interview we explore wether your question is covered by our professional competences. If not, we’re trying to find another therapist where you could successfully work with your request.

The introductory interview is always free of charge.



The number of consultations and the frequency of sessions are dependent of your problem and question. Often it’s difficult to make exact estimates.

A consultation (session) lasts 90 minutes. Normally we’re doing process work, this means that we are working in a series of sessions.

In case you cannot keep the appointment, it is important to inform the therapist 24 hours before the session. In case you don´t cancel in time, the therapist may charge  the reserved time.

Psychotherapy session                                                    € 90,00
Coaching session                                                                € 90,00
Supervision for professional organisations            € 90,00

Psychotherapy is free of VAT. For coaching and supervision sessions we charge 21% VAT.

Health Insurance compensation

  • Most Dutch insurancecompanies compensate consultations Integrative Psychotherapy (code 24511) and Hypnotherapy (code: 24501).
    Look at the websites of our professional organisations whether the insurancecompany comenpensates the fees for the consultation.


Check the exact compensation with your insurancecompany. Mention the following                 information of the practice:

  • Registrationcodes Louis Crijns
    – AGB-zorgverlenerscode: 90028045 90028045 (categorieën: Psychosociaal
    Zorgverlener en Genezers, Overigen)
    – Register Complementaire Gezondheidszorg RBCZ, licentienr. 403050R
    – KvK nummer 27370842
  • Registrationcodes Ellen de Jong
    – AGB-zorgverlenerscode: 90026706 (categorie Genezers, overigen)
    – AGB-zorgverlenerscode: 94006998 (categorie Psychosociaal Zorgverlener)
    – NAP registratienummer: NL 167
    – Register Complementaire Gezondheidszorg RBCZ, licentienr. 170521R
    – KvK nummer 27370838
  • For foreign clients there may be many differences in this respect. Therefore we’re not able to say in general how compesation will be arranged in your case. We recommend consulting your insurance company for further advice.


In case you are not satisfied with the treatment, we advise you to speak about it with your therapist. We try to find an adequate solution with you. Louis Crijns en Ellen de Jong are both registered with the SCAG ( and the RBCZ (


Per 25th of May 2018 the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (Law about protecting your personal data) is taken into effect. ElQuirin protects your privacy as good as possible. Your personal data will only be asked for if they are important for your treatment. Everything that you tell the therapist will be between you both, unless you give formal permission (for example for consultation with your doctor). Your personal data will be kept in writing in your personal file. After ending the therapy your file will, according to the law, be kept safely for 15 years. Do you have further questions about your privacy, don’t hesitate to ask them.