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In our practice, we receive people with a variety of themes and problems, such as stress in work situations, experiences of being burnt out, conflicts with a partner, being overwhelmed with memories of trauma form the past, loss of a loved one, or feelings of loneliness or depression , a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, the feeling of having to do everything perfectly, or as an informal caregiver taking on too much hay.

If you notice that you have emotional, social, psychological or physical complaints that you cannot solve yourself, a therapy or coaching program can offer good support to feel good about yourself again, to feel new energy flowing and have your life on track again. Sometimes you know that old traumatic experiences in your life prevent you from living life as you would like, and you have found that your old strategies for coping with the challenges of everyday life no longer work.

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How we work

ElQuirin offers guidance in dealing with old pain, gaining insight into your old patterns and ways of doing things, creating space for new possibilities and actually taking action. We work with in-depth attention and sufficient time for you as a person to resiliently find your own way, based on confidence and inner peace.

Central to this is our vision “every person is unique” from which we work in a respectful and safe manner with hindering or traumatic experiences from childhood, from baby to adolescent / young adult and adult.

Based on our many years of experience with clients and the required study, we have developed a method that merits the name “Integrative Psychotherapy”. We offer an in-depth way of working in which we combine different methodologies, tailored to the client’s problems. Our method is based on various coaching methods such as Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Regression Therapy, NLP and Relationship Therapy.


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Inner Child Therapy

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Relationship counseling

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If you decide to do therapy with ElQuirin:

  • You and your story are central
  • You meet an empathetic therapist with a listening ear for what concerns you
  • We will work together, at your pace, on the changes that you have as a goal
  • We offer professional help to tackle your problems based on our commitment, years of experience and expertise
  • In a free introductory meeting you can investigate whether you can feel comfortable with the therapist and you will receive answers to your questions
  • You are welcome in a quiet light therapy room with air conditioning in the warm summer
  • There are no (long) waiting lists
  • There is no need for a referral from your doctor
  • Consultations are usually (partly) reimbursed by health insurers under the additional health insurance without affecting your deductible

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