Coaching – focus on the present and especially on the future

Coaching focusses on work or profession. We offer coaching to people who encounter problems in their professional life that they would like professional feedback on, who want to find new inspiration in their work or who want to take a different direction.

In terms of time perspective, coaching is focused on the present and especially on the future. That is why coaching often uses methods that stimulate the coachee’s imagination and power of imagination. When working on the future, it is important that the coachee can imagine that future as concretely as possible. That is why we not only work with conversations about competencies and goals, but also with things like relaxation and guided visualization.

Finding the solution in yourself

Professional coaching is all about helping a coachee help themselves. We often go to a therapist or coach because we “need help”. It is implicitly assumed that the coach or therapist has a solution at hand.

You may feel helpless that you have very little freedom of choice or behavioural alternatives. And when you are caught up in something, you tend to use your usual thinking patterns to a greater extent, a logical response, because these thinking patterns have often helped you in the past. You lack the ability to take a step back and come up with an alternative route. Your own direction and determination have disappeared from sight and you feel dependent. That dependence also translates into the coach where you hope to find solace for your problem. That may be the right time to start a coaching process.

Access to your own resources

It is important to realize that the expectation that the coach has the solutions is not realistic. Still, coaching can help you. Especially because you learn in a coaching process to take your destiny into your own hands and to reconnect with your resolving and creative abilities. Coaching involves an guiding other, but his role mainly consists of providing you with tools to make effective use of your own strength.

Post question marks

An escorting coach will challenge your usual thinking patterns. The art of coaching primarily consists of the ability to ask good questions. A good question can literally make your world wider and bigger. This can change how you look at situations, at others and at yourself. There is a long tradition of questioning in our culture. In ancient times, in classical Greek philosophy, the art of enquiring was highly appreciated. Asking questions was at the heart of Socrates’ philosophy. It is the basis of the so-called “Socratic dialogue”: asking good questions as a way to wisdom.

Modern coaching is in line with this. If the coach knows how to ask right and appropriate questions, the path to wisdom, that is in this context: to the client’s own resolving capacity, is established.

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