Introductory meeting

We offer a free introductory meeting to examine with you whether it “feels good” to talk to each other. In therapy and coaching you tell about vulnerable things that need security and trust. Furthermore, we will of course discuss what you want to achieve in therapy or coaching and what you expect from it. We also check whether you have come to the right place, or whether we better refer you to another therapist or coach. This interview will take about an hour.


The number and frequency of consultations depend on your question and the course of the process. A consultation (session) lasts 90 minutes.

If you are unable to attend, it is important to let us know at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel too late, the therapist may charge you for the reserved time.

Languages spoken

Ellen and Louis are both mastering the English language on a good level. Louis is also fluently speaking German.


We charge a rate of € 100.00 for therapy, coaching and supervision. You will receive an invoice from us in PDF format that you pay to us yourself and that you can send to your health insurer for declaration. Therapy is free of BTW.

Reimbursement & Tips

Most health insurers reimburse Integrative Psychotherapy (treatment code 24511) and Hypnotherapy (treatment code: 24501). The reimbursement depends on the additional package you have chosen. Contact your insurer to check the exact reimbursement. Check the following websites of the professional associations with which we are affiliated to see whether your health insurer will reimburse the costs for the consultation:

Zorgverzekering – NVPA (NVPA for Ellen)

or in the Healthcare Guide:

In a number of cases, reimbursement is also possible through the social assistance scheme of the social service. This does not only apply to benefit recipients. Workers can also appeal to this.

You can also inquire at the health and safety service or company doctor of the company where you work. A number of companies reimburse (part of) the costs. This mainly concerns complaints related to your work. Coaching is then aimed, for example, at stress and burnout prevention, support with reintegration or development of personal skills.


As therapists, we adhere to the complaints procedure in accordance with the new Wkkgz legislation, which is in force from 1 January 2017. If you are not satisfied with a treatment, we advise you to always discuss this with the therapist. We will then look for a suitable solution together. Louis and Ellen are both affiliated with the SCAG disputes body ( and are subject to disciplinary law of the RBCZ ( For the procedure in case of a complaint, you can find information on the NVPA website under the heading ‘For clients’ or on the NBVH website under the heading ‘NBVH’.


ElQuirin protects your privacy as well as possible, the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG 2018) is in force. Your personal information will only be requested if it is important for your own treatment. Everything that is said during the treatment naturally remains between you and the therapist, unless you have given explicit permission for this (for example, for consultation with another practitioner or doctor). Your data will be stored in writing (not digitally) in your personal file. At the end of a treatment process, all data is securely stored according to the legal standard and kept for 20 years. If you have further questions about your privacy, do not hesitate to ask. Or click here for the full content of the Privacy statement.

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